things have been a bit hectic in the IF camp lately...
We've entered a partnership with German EAM Event & Artist Management.
We've been tracking drums for the forth coming album, - more news will follow soon...

For the German fans we have good news, we are playing at the Mörchens Metal Meeting 7 and the Börsencrash Festival,
and some for the danish fans as well,we are playing at Dark Mental Festival and Limfjords Teatret!
For more info check out the dates section.

It has been a while...

Since our last update, not that nothing hasn't happend,
in the past time we've shot a video of the track Leviathan, opned an official merch shop (link), played a few shows here and there and finally the official website, where you are at, has been updated with a new design and some new features. All the afore mentioned you'll be able to find right here, so we Hope you'll enjoy cruising around site.

Other news from the IF camp is that we've started writing for our forth comming album, and so for what we've sounds absolutely killer and we are all wery psyched about it and looking foreward to being able to present some of the new stuff for you.

- Stay tuned for further updates !!!

Posted 21-11-2012 21:07 cet

Voyage Of The Damned Release Dates!!!

Dear Iron Heads!

Lo and behold…
The official release dates for the forthcoming album "Voyage Of The Damned" are:

Europe: January 27th
US: February 7th

Album teaser/trailer here

Artwork by Par Olofsson

Posted 19-11-2011 00:49 cet

Album update!

For the past months we've been working hard recording the forth coming IF album "Voyage Of The Damned".
This time around we've teamed up with Jakob Hansen, an upcoming Danish producer, who've barely left the mixing console as we write. The album is gonna include contributions from renowned artists as Dave Ingram from Benediction and Nils K. Rue from Pagans Mind and it will stand as the pentacle of our career so far!!!

Cover artwork and release dates will be revealed soon.

For daily updates you can follow us on our official YouTube channel or 
official Facebook page

Posted 24-09-2011 00:07 cet

Metalmorphosized release dates!!!

We are proud to announce the official release dates for our forth coming album

29.09.2010 Spain
01.10.2010 G/A/S, SWE, Benelux+ ITS
04.10.2010 Rest of Europe
12.10.2010 USA/CAN

From August 6th 2010 you can stream the first track of the album, Reborn to Darkenss, on our MySpace page.
We have been looking forward to share some of our new material with you. 
Hail Iron Heads \m/

Posted 01-08-2010 23:58 cet

Album Update!

Dear Iron Heads.
On April 15th the recording of the next Iron Fire album will commence!!! 
The working title is "Metalmorphosized" and with this album we will celebrate our 10th anniversary year as recording artists.

Instead of just making a “best of” album, we present to you 13 of our new greatest hits.
We have picked up on some previous unreleased songs, dating all the way back from the years between ‘On The Edge’ and ‘Revenge’ and updated them to the Iron Fire 2010 sound.
This package will also include several brand new written tracks that will show the path of the future Iron Fire albums to come.

To commemorate this offering, we have assembled all former members from earlier releases and they are all participating in this undertaking.

We are planning to do the mixing with Tommy Hansen, from Jailhouse Studio, within the next couple of months.
Prepare for 10 years of Metal and Madness unleashed in audio. 
More info about release dates will follow soon.

Iron Fire

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Due to failing ticket sales Copenhagen Metal Festival has been canceled.
This really came like a kick in the face, since we have been looking forward to this gig for quite some time now. - Anyway, this wasn’t our decision and we are very disappointed that it had to turn out like this.

Hail Metalheads – Metal Forever!!!

Posted 23-02-2010 01:59 cet

Update from the IF camp!

We are now entering the final phase of songwriting for the forth coming album (yet untitled). However, before we enter the studio, we have two confirmed gigs, both in Copenhagen. The first gig will be the band’s tenth year anniversary celebration, and in that occasion we have teamed up with the members from the original line-up, who will be performing with us on stage. Secondly we will be performing at the Copenhagen metal Festival along with a lot of great bands, among them Evergrey and 1349. For the exact dates check the Dates section.

Posted 6-02-2010 00:39 cet

Attention all Iron Heads!

Unfortunately the previously announced show at ProgPower Scandinavia (25/09-09)
has been canceled.
– In fact the entire ProgPower has been cancelled. This is not our decision and we are very disappointed that we won’t be able to bust your heads in with 
Heavy fuckin’ Metal \m/. (details here)

Otherwise things are progressing as planned. Songwriting is coming along as expected. We are very psyched about the new material and looking forward to present it to you!!!

Stay Rockin’

Posted 17-08-2009 01:32 cet

News from the Stronghold!

Hallo Metal Heads,
What’s up with the "To The Grave" tour? 
- Well, due to financial circumstances we are sorry to say that we have no plans for touring right now. It is certainly not a situation we like in any way, but we are still working on being able to hit the road some time later this year…
So be sure to catch us at the shows already scheduled for this summer.

At the moment we are working on some new songs that will be following an even darker and more sophisticated path than "To The Grave".
Furthermore, we will soon have new T-Shirts for all you hungry IF bangers out there…

If you are on facebook and haven’t signed up already, be sure to joins us here too!
That's all for now!

“Enjoy the summer with Metal and Beers”

Kill For Metal
/Iron Fire

Posted 29-05-2009 02:45 cet


Gig/Video Update!

Iron Fire has now been confirmed for the following shows:
Metal Royal April 8th - 2009
Progpower Scandinavia September 25/26 – 2009

Please note that Marc Masters’s profile has been added to the members section of the website.
Furthermore we have posted two new videos on youtube, produced by former guitar player Kristian Iversen. Follow the links below to check them out.

The Making Of To The Grave
Bridges Will Burn

Posted 15-03-2009 00:16 cet



We are very proud to present to you, our new addition to the ranks of IRON FIRE:
Marc Masters.
He will be taking over JJ’s spot in the Iron Legion and he has trusted his axe in the battle for true Power Metal.

Posted 18-01-2009 01:01 cet

Hey IronHeads!

Please note, the guestbook is up & running again!
So for all friends of the band, please feel free to drop by and leave a note…

Posted 17-01-2009 13:31 cet

Hey Ironheads

We hope that you all had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Here, in the beginning of the new year, we are very proud to present our new album “To the Grave”. 
Even though this is a little behind schedule the album is finally out! 
Thank you for your patience. Hope you will enjoy it, ‘cause this one’s for you!
- So what’s up now?…We are planning a tour supporting the new album, hopefully worldwide, so stay tuned for further updates.

Posted 09-01-2009 01:23 cet